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New EMCOR Store Soon to Rise in Tagum City
retail appliances philippines, retail store philippines, appliances, philippines
EMCOR, the premiere appliances store in the Philippines will soon open a new building in Tagum, Rizal.  EMCOR's old building used to be a Spanish type house made of Narra wood and hard concrete. It has an area of 750 sqm. situated in a very strategic location. It stands in close proximity to city hall, PNB and McDonalds. But despite the very favorable location the management opted not to fully renovate the building. Inold bldgstead, only the façade of the ground floor was renovated and the rest of the house remained as it was originally built .

It was May 1995 that EMCOR first occupied the place. It was turned into a showroom for household appliances and motorcycles. After 11 years of doing business, the management finally decided to eliminate the old structure and constructed a new modern building which is really an EMCOR trademark. An epitome of pride of EMCOR in the city of Tagum.

The old has gone and the new has come; this is now the new story of EMCOR Tagum –Rizal. The opening of this new building will surely create a stir for the Tagumeños, this will become one of the landmarks of The Palm City. The commercial 2- storey building which was conceptualized and designed by Ferrazinni Architectural Firm and constructed by LVL construction is now 60% to its completion. The rising edifice ignites the eagerness of the Tagumenos to look forward for the opening and the REBIRTH of EMCOR Tagum Rizal, and with this, EMCOR is expected to expand its market, and lead the industry in the area. This will also become the anchor store of Region 1b. The new EMCOR RIZAL is expected to be completely done and be inaugurated before 2009 ends. So let us all watch out for the Grand opening and blessing of the new Emcor Tagum Rizal.

Facts About Tagum

Tagum City (Cebuano: Dakbayan sa Tagum/Siyudad sa Tagum) is a 1st Class city in the 1st Congressional District of the Province of Davao del Norte, Philippines serving as its provincial capital. Cited as one of the 20 most viable and most competitive business sites in the Philippines in 2005 by the Philippine Cities Competitiveness Ranking Project, it is one of the fastest-growing cities in Mindanao. Tagum City has become a bustling center of commerce, health services and entertainment in the Davao Region.
It is estimated that the population reached 224,809 people in 2006, while 2010 projections of 240,599 will bring the cityhood to a “highly urbanized” status.

In 2006, Tagum City became the Palm Tree City of the Philippines. It also holds an unofficial record for having the tallest Christmas tree in the Philippines. At 153 feet tall, the stunning structure erected at the Freedom Park at the back of the City Hall rivaled Puerto Princesa City’s 100 feet tall Christmas tree.

Tagum City is also the home of the world’s biggest rosary located at the Christ The King Cathedral, also one of the region’s biggest Catholic basilicas.

Since 2007, Tagum City annually hosts the Musikahan Festival aimed at showcasing the musical talents of Tagumeños and Mindanaoans and draws thousands of visitors both from Tagum City and neighboring cities, provinces and regions.

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